ARILUX? AL-B05 E27 B22 4.5W RGBW Bluetooth 4.0 LED Smart Bulb 100-240V for iPhone and Android Phones


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Model No.:AL-B05
Warranty:12 months
Wattage:4.5W(equals to 40W incandescent equipment)
Voltage:AC 100-240V
Luminous:Warm White:350LM
Bulb Features:Dimmable
Color Temperature:2800-3200 Kelvin
Type of bulb:RGBW
Lamp Power Factor:0.6
Dimension:102*61mm (H x Dia.)
Suitable Phone OS:IOS,Android devices compatible with Bluetooth version 4.0 or later
Fixture features:Use phone to download a free app”LED Magic Blue”,then connect bulbs to phone.

Note: Do not unscrew the lampshade, or it will affect the normal use.

1. Infinite Possiblities
Personalize your lighting with a color palette of over 16 million colors and different tones of white from warm yellow to vibrant blue white.
2. Smartphone Control       
App is avaiable for both iOS and Android devices. Just download the app to light your smartphone or tablet,and you have the next generation light bulb in your finger tips.
3.Sync Control by Group                   
Connect to up to 50 bulbs from your app. Control each one individually or group them into different groups to control simultaneously. 
4. Group Bulbs for Easier Control
Group your smart bulbs into different groups to control them simultaneously. You can add 5 bulbs to each groups on IOS,4 bulbs on Android.
5.Timer Mode                           
Use the timer opotion to turn your smart bulb on or off at any time.It’s a great way to wake up in the morning.
6.Kickstart your Party
The app comes with 20 pre-programed color modes to kick your party into high gear.Or create your own color scheme.
7.Light Dancing with Music                   
The app allows you to play your favorite music and light will automatically change.
8.Save Favourite Colors
The app allows you to save 5 favourite colors.Then,let you light favourite color easily.

Package Included:
1 x ARILUX AL-B05 Bluetooth 4.0 LED Smart Bulb

FAQ & Solutions

1. How to use a new bluetooth LED device and application?
Open bluetooth service from phone settings or bluetooth application. Then switch on bluetooth LED device, the phone will connect with bluetooth LED device automatically
(No need waiting them paired), then you can use this bluetooth application to control it. The App is with music control function, group control function, timer and dimmable
function etc., you can choose any color or mode as your preference.

2.Which types of equipments are supported by current application?
Any IOS device(must be with bluetooth 4.0 or later version) can work with this application,such as Iphone 4s,5,5c,5s,Ipad3,4,Ipad air,itouch,ipad mini etc Android 4.3 or
later version, and must have bluetooth or later version.

3. How far can I control bluetooth LED deivce from my phone?
Normally,the range is 18-30 meters without obstructions.when you control bluetooth LED device through obstructions, the bluetooth signal will be not that strong.

4. How many LED devices can I control at same time?
You can control bluetooth LED device from App maximum 4pcs at same time. You can also set many Groups like Room1,Room2….Room7…., You can add to each Group
maximum 4pcs bluetooth LED devices, you can control these group together or seperately.

5. Why the time function do not work?
The time function will not work if you switch off the LED device, Such as you turn off the LED device electricity switch or electricity failure. Please reset!

6. How can I do if connecting the bluetooth device or adding new device failed?
Please power off the LED bluetooth device, then turn it on again, if the problem can’t solve, please restart the phone.

7. Why can’t scan out the LED bluetooth device?
Double check the bluetooth LED device’s power is on or not. Metal can shield the bluetooth signal, If you install the bluetooth LED device to a metal lanterns, the bluetooth
LED device maybe will not come out form the APP. For a bluetooth LED device, only one phone can control it at a time, do not use more phone to control it at same time.

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